Let’s Do It Again

I’ve unintentionally began this tradition of restarting the Drama Debussie blog with the beginning of a new year. Maybe I’m just desperate for a new start. Nevertheless, let’s try this again.

For those of you that have visited a Drama Debussie blog in the past, you’ll be happy (?) to know that things will still work the same here the way they always did. For those who have not, this blog will mainly be dedicated to Hallyu Wave centric rants. Sorry, no drama episode recaps.

It will mainly be an extension of the content you can find on my social media which I’ve been able to keep alive. Surprisingly.

Those accounts would be:

Twitter – @dramadebussie

Instagram – @dramadebussie

Also, I’m the co-host of a Hallyu Wave centric podcast (also called a Hallyucast) called Drama Kandy! If you’re interested in listening, you can find it:

SoundCloud – Drama Kandy Podcast

iTunes – Drama Kandy Podcast

Google Play – Drama Kandy Podcast



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