Drama Debussie’s Drama Picks for February

Hello, February! You bring an overwhelming amount of hearts and red to my local stores. You’ve never done much for me in the dramalandscape schedule wise, but you are kind enough to bow out earlier than any other month so I can’t be too annoyed with you. For this edition of DDDPF (I’ll work on it), we mainly get to concentrate on the Korean dramas because every other country started their programming sometime in January. So goes this drama life. Even so, even I have to admit the choices are nothing to sneeze at.

Many of them I’ve been anticipating for quite a while now, so it’s great to know they’re finally going to be gracing us with their presence. I decided to include the LEGAL sites that have announced their intention to subtitle the respective series. If it’s not listed then you may want to send in a title request to Viki or Dramafever. Or, if you’re one for research, you can do a Google search or, you know, twenty.


Misty | JTBC (South Korea) | Premiere 2/2 | Expected to be subbed by Dramafever

This is what I like to call a Grown Folk drama.Trendy drama with young, botox-free (I hope) faces are cool but they can only go so far. A cast of adult actors playing adults in adult situations making adult decisions makes for the best drama. I also love that not only is it on cable but it’s going to be beautifully designed and shot. Many times we’re fed the romances that feature two strangers falling in love with each other, but it can be twice as romantic to watch a married couple who have become strangers to each other, fall in love all over again. The fact that it’s a legal thriller makes it all the more exciting.


The Crown Princess | Channel 3 (Thailand) | Premiere 2/5| Subbing status unknown

One thing that I’d like to do this year is up my lakorn game, and this may be the one to do it with. I’ve watched a fair share of Thai films, but television is a different story. I’ve seen the teasers and WHOA SO PRETTY. It also speaks to my weakness for stories about royalty, real or not. Also, in the interest of full transparency, the story kinda reminds me of the King2Hearts Princess/Soldier loveline that got *clears throat* interrupted.



Laughter in Waikiki | jTBC (South Korea) | Premiere 2/5 | Expected to be subbed by Dramafever

This one could either be a sleeper hit or skip. There’s no in-between. Fitting considering it reads as the all-male Age of Youth complete with baby hijinks. Many have referred to this as Three Men and a Baby, but in order to stay true to the drama universe, calling this One Mom and Three Dads would be more appropriate. However, we’re making the assumption that there is a paternity mystery and I hope that’s not the case. Kids are cute but they only carry a drama so far. Hoping this series is more of the coming-of-age variety instead of the who’s-your-daddy variety. That being said, I’ll always support casts mainly starring up-and-coming actors and actresses.


Should We Kiss First? | SBS (South Korea) | Premiere 2/20 | Expected to be subbed on Viki

A series about middle-aged people who have had their hearts broken and help each other realize that it’s never too late to love again? You had me at middle-aged people. Actually, you had me at QUEEN Kim Sun Ah. Considering this is penned by the same writer that most recently gave us SBS’s I Have a Lover, there will be plenty of tears shed by plenty of beautiful people. I’m not too mad about that, but please be a short-ish run.


Mystery Queen 2 | KBS (South Korea) | Premiere 2/28 | Expected to be subbed on Viki

To know me is to know that I adore the first season of this series. It’s a wonderful callback to classic detective stories. Using pure wit and instinct, our main characters team up to solve some of the most surprising cases that even I didn’t see coming, and it’s hard for a detective series to surprise me at all. Sherlock, Watson, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys would be proud. Of course, I’m more of a C. Auguste Dupin, Veronica Mars, and Columbo fan, but they would be proud as well. While I appreciate the bickering between Choi Kang Hee and Kwon Sang Woo, I appreciate even more that this series put them in the place they should always be. A place where they can feed off of their partner while building up some sexual tension that may or may not progress. I would be fine with either option, and because the first season left so many juicy unanswered questions, this is one of the few shows I can comfortably support its continuation.

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