Blog Every Day6 – I Wasn’t Ready

I’m a My Day. A proud My Day. For those of you that may not know what that means, it just means I go hard for Day6. Seeing that I go so hard for them, it’s only appropriate that I dedicate a monthly post to them on the only day that makes sense.

What a perfect way to start this than with the MV for their Japanese debut single “If ~また逢えたら~” (“If ~ I See You Again ~”).

Gotta admit, I wasn’t ready for this even though I definitely should’ve been. I know they’re going to be doing Japanese promotions this year, and I knew this song was used as the theme for the Japanese drama Repeat which premiered last month.


Oh well. This just means I need to be more ready than I already am, and that can never be a bad thing. To be fair, it’s hard to be ready for an awesome MV like this when it was clearly filmed in a dark warehouse in an undisclosed location. Not an excuse, but I’m just sayin’.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier for Day6. They barely finished their year-long Every Day6 project and they’re already trying to put roots down in Japan. The real question is WHEN DID THEY HAVE TIME TO LEARN JAPANESE?!

Obviously I’m rooting for them but I feel pretty confidant they’ll garner the audience they deserve if only because Japan is known for churning out some great rock bands and the audience to go with them. Something that not many people know is that I have a huge soft spot for Japanese pop rock bands. Emphasis on the pop. I wish I could tell you I’m that hard rock girl that blasts to classic Japanese bands like L’Arc-en-Ciel or Luna Sea, but no.

For me, I’m rocking with bands like back number.


Or tricot.

Not only are tricot awesome musicians, but they’ve kept me alive since School Food Punishment disbanded. A tough day for me.

All that to say, the guys will be in good company. It’s easy for most people to classify them as a K-POP band that is manufactured and spit out of the K-POP machine. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, except that Day6 is not just a K-POP band. Because they’re not a K-POP band, they’re a rock band. Fight me. I’m sure their foray into Japan will start with being labelled, but hopefully they’ll be recognized for their musicianship by a country appreciates musicianship as much as Japan does. I’m sure Japan will only be able to label them as consistently great the way South Korea has.

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