Drama Debussie, also known as India, officially became an Asian drama fan in 2004 after flirting with it for many years. She was an Asian film buff who had convinced herself that content that she consumed under three hours at a time was all she could handle. Then she met the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Nothing was ever the same again.


Since then she has become a daily drama watcher with only a few regrets. For example, how much pasta she ate while watching MBC’s Pasta. Yep, that was a mistake.

She watches dramas from all over Asia including Japan, Taiwan and China.

Her goal is to encourage the international growth of the Hallyu Wave by creating content with which international fans can relate.

Need to contact her?

Twitter: @dramadebussie

Hallyu Wave Podcast: Drama Kandy Podcast

Email: dramadebussie@email.com